In the 20+ years I have been originating mortgages, there have been many times I’ve heard a prospective buyer say, “My credit is too poor to buy a home”.   Well, much of the time they were correct.  Their credit history and scores would not qualify them for a purchase.  But, sometimes they were wrong.  There are a number of loan programs available that do not require perfect credit and what a joy it is to tell a buyer that he DOES qualify to buy now.

But, for those whose credit history is not good enough to buy now I encourage you to still apply.  Better than calling a credit repair company or trying your own devices and efforts, you need a mortgage lender to review your credit status.  Mortgage lenders know how to get your credit repaired, improved.  I can’t tell you how many buyers have come to us with bad credit and after the advice we’ve given them, if they take that advice and act on it, they call back after a period of time and are approved, closed and in their new home!  Then there are others that do not act on advice to make changes on their credit, call back in 6 months or later and are still in the same situation- poor credit, nothing done to improve it, and still renting.

So, consider calling a lender today if you want to be a homeowner!  Don’t be reluctant because of your credit history.  You may be surprised to know you can buy now.  And, if not, you can certainly get the information you need to get on the right track so that you can purchase later.

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